Playing in the Bay

We love to get out doors and we did just that with the end of summer in sight about a month back. As I’ve said previously, most of our travel centres around hitting the water, once again we did just that.

Last year, the other half forked out the money for the Entertainment Book App and we have most certainly made our money back with it. We generally use it to source our next adventure and this time it took us kayaking out at Portsea.

We booked our car and packed all our gears and were on the road the next morning at 6am. Now, I don’t do early mornings, for me to get up and out of the house at the time is a true feat. (I like to sleep in, and I like to eat and that is what I’ll do when I’m on holiday). At 6am the road was pretty clear and only took us just over an hour to get down the coast to Portsea. We stopped for a quick spot of brekkie, before heading to the meeting spot for our kayaking adventure!

Our tour was put on by Bayplay who provide a lot of water based activities in Portsea. Our tour guide was an incredible knowledge of the area and gave us some great insight of the history, of not only Portsea, but Melbourne too. We came back from our trip knowing more about where we were living. I’ve said before you should travel the place you live before you travel elsewhere and I stand by that.

Portsea is gorgeous.  Little beaches tucked in along the coast, clear, still water, sunshine and ocean wildlife! Out trip let us experience all of this. IT was roughly 4 hours and came complete with snacks. It set up for amateur kayakers, but allowed for those with a bit more experience to play. We learnt about the development of the area and the owner of the some of the most beautiful houses I have ever seen.

We got to see Dolphins. We took off and watched the Dolphin Watching boat head the other way. They paid all that money to go the opposite direction of the dolphins.

FACT TIME: The dolphins had a learned habit of coming into the shallows for food and to teach their young how to fish. When the Aboriginal people were living in Portsea they would fish in the shallows off the beaches. The dolphins learnt this and would herd the fish in for the people and in turn would be rewarded with fish. To this day the Dolphins still come into the shallows to feed. This is amazing and such a beautiful evolution that we got to witness.



If you are ever down the Portsea way, I recommend you check out Bay Play for your activities. You can snorkel with seals, dive, kayak and heaps more. They have accommodation if you’re from out of town, and wonderful instructors. It was well worth the trip and not too expensive for what we were doing  and paying for.

I loved Portsea and if financially I could afford a mansion, I would move there in a heartbeat. It was everything I needed. Beach, small town and cute little cafes and shops. It had the small town, holiday feel. It was perfect.

Forever lost,



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