Easter Weekend Adventure

I know Easter was a week ago and I’m pretty very slack at being on top of posting…

As both my fiancé and I are big water babies, we always try and seek out water on our adventures, so this one was no different!

As usual we had decided weeks ago that we would head away for the weekend, but we had done nothing about actually getting ourselves sorted to actually get away. Friends invited us to the Comedy Festival and Owen got called into work on Monday and me to dog sit. We are terrible at saying no and this time was no different.

Good Friday came around and we had slept in and got up at about 2pm. It was exactly what I needed. Work was taking over and I just wanted to do nothing. However, I still had the need to get out of the city and find me some water. We spent the rest of the afternoon searching for any camp ground that had a campsite left, and we hit that jackpot in Lorne! We packed all our camping stuff and were ready for our first camping trip since we moved to Australia. Owen was bloody happy as he had spent hours cleaning all our camping gear so we could bring it with us to Melbourne.

We don’t have a car here, but were lent one by a friend. We filled it and were on our way! Did we get lost? Yes. Did we make it to Lorne? Sure did!

We arrived and grabbed a snack before checking in at the campground. We stayed at the Lorne Foreshore Caravan Park where all the sites are powered and have bathroom and cooking amenities. They also have a range of campground sites spread round Lorne. We received the last site in Queens Park. This site sat the top of the camp ground with views for miles. It was exactly what we needed. We set up camp and were ready to head down to the beach for a look around, when the biggest kangaroo I had ever seen jumped along behind our site! He was massive, easily 6ft. Back home in New Zealand we never get that kind of excitement with wildlife the same, unless your down south and a cheeky Kea has just tried to steal parts of your car. I was pretty impressed by this roo and am still telling people about it.

                                               Sunrise in Lorne
After all the roo excitement we headed on down the beach where there was a small market happening and there was MORE Australian wildlife for us to see. Snakes (not okay about this one), Owls and my personal favourite, a dingo named Cahn. Most placid animal I had ever seen. The wildlife instructor, held him like a baby and this dingo was just like a sack of potatoes. Loved him.

I got pulled away as Owen wanted to swim. The air temperature 14 degrees and the water temp was 17.5 degrees. We swam for ages and it was the best feeling to be back in the water. I don’t think we warmed up until we got home that next day.

The best thing about camping is that you go bed early. We were in bed by 8:30pm. I woke up with the cold sun and got to witness a stunning sunrise. The thing that got me, was the amount of technology that was around. To me camping is a technology free experience. No tv, no internet, you cook on the bbq and wash the dishes in the water you’ve had to boil. There was one family next to us that packed their 42inch tv and were watching movies. Kudos for the family time, yes, but if it is was me I would be playing cards with my family. I got to watch a family ‘show’ that the kids put on with the neighbouring campsite, and to me that is camping.

Anyway, after an early morning we headed off after the sunrise to the 12 Apostles. We were treated to a huge pod of dolphins making their way down the coast. It was incredible.

Sidenote: We got a flat car battery. Shoutout to the lovely couple that jump started us after we spent a good 45mins trying to manoeuvre one car in the tightest of spots to get us going. Legends.

So the dolphins, the best view I’ve had with my coffee in a long time and certainly topping of the wildlife experience of the weekend!

12 Apostles
​We did make it to the 12 Apostles eventually. We got lost, mainly because I had my head out the window looking for Koalas… I can’t help myself, if it’s cute I want to see it.

If you’re heading out this way, I would 100% recommend an early morning for the Apostles. It was really crowded and had to walk and take any photos that you might want. We were limited on time, so kind of speed through, but slow enough to take it all in.

The great ocean road really is an incredible piece of nature in Melbourne’s back yard. If you have a chance to explore it I really suggest you do. We were only there for two days, but it was everything we needed to escape the city. Have a look at our wee adventure below…


Forever lost,




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