Fam Bam

My cousin came to visit me this past weekend in Melbourne. I loved having family here and a chance to just relax and have a break from work. Even if it was just one day.


I got to be a tourist in then city that I live in. I believe you need to get to know that city, or country before you venture further. My parents also believed this and took us out of school early and we travelled round our beautiful NZ for 7 weeks, but that’s a whole other story!


I got to show kelly all my fav spots, and while they were my favourite and I knew where they were, I still go us lost. I think we went down every lane of Little Bourke until I found Manhatten Press (Bagels! Only bagels! And a fabulous peanut butter hot chocolate mmmm). 

We did Melbourne. We ate and drank and went to the footy. We explored the State Library and discussed the possibility of many hidden rooms. We watched the weather go from 27 and sunny, to 16 and raining. We shopped. We had brunch every day and drank too many cocktails for our own good. It was the Melbourne experience. 

I was so happy to have her here and was already planning her return trip with everything else we could do!

If any one else has any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

Forever lost,



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