The Story of How

This is the story, about how I came to be Lost Lauren, or as my mother would say “Late Lauren”.

You see, I am notorious for getting lost, and as a result, late. Before the age of smart phones and having the world at your finger tips, my partner and I would look at a map, ‘memorise’ forget it and be on our merry way. This happened all too often. It once took us three attempts to go ice skating, because we couldn’t find the rink and didn’t have a map. On our third trip to find it, we realised we had been circling it the whole time.

The first time we drove home from uni in Auckland we took the very long way through Hamilton to Tauranga. It was trip I won’t forget and neither will either of our parents. They had to direct us through a trip we had done many times before. Personally, I think they’re very concerned for any future travels.

So, Lost Lauren.

It’s one of my favourite ways to travel as it allows you to find those hidden gems at your location, ask the locals for directions and travel their path, not the tourist path and I think that’s pretty special.

Any questions? Hit up the comments below!

Forever lost,


Lost in Disney

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