Burger City

So I’m pretty BIG burger fan, I will never stray from the burger section of the menu if I don’t have to.

Melbourne is Burger City.

While it appears I have been a bit slack in the way of burger photos, I have two for you.

If you love a good ‘omg genius!’ Dining experience, you can’t go wrong with Easey’s. This place is all kinds of genius! For starters, you will dine on top of a building, in a train. You read correctly, in a train atop a building!

The trains were in use up until 2014 when trains with air con were introduced. Cue Easey’s, who have restored the interior and created a unquie dinig experience right in North Fitzroy!

The staff were great and the food was so tasty! The real kicker is you can only dine for an hour, but with city views, a good burger, a couple of beers with some mates, an hour is all you need.

Be sure to book on their website if you want to sit in the train!

Melbourne Madness and Rowdy Double Cheeseburger


These next little gems we found when we ventured out to the Rip Curl Pro out at Bells Beach.

The food truck does the travel and permant fixture can be found in Ballarat.

Round the Way are bagel burgers. Everything you could ever dream of, all in your fave New York breakfast food! How can you go wrong? You can’t!

Head on over to their Facebook page, where they will update you with the latest location of the food truck. So if they’re in your area, you can grab a sneaky eat.

We stayed in Torquay the weekend of the Rip Curl Pro and headed out for dinner at The Bottle of Milk. These burgers were ace. No photo sorry, but if you are ever out that way do go. The atmosphere inside was right up there.

Well friendly readers, today we have learnt I love burgers. Burgers burgers burgers. I’m on the hunt for new burger joints constantly. Hit me up with places I should visit!

Forever lost,



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